We offer...prompt, reliable and affordable
school bus service for the Brooklyn community
Get them 'there' safely
Let The Chosen Generation
Daycare Service Help You!
Great Rates/Flexible Scedules
to meet all of your needs!
Private & Public Schools, Theater & Ball Games!
Still at work or just busy and need to get your child to ballet, Karate or just home from daycare? No worries...The Chosen Generation Daycare will provide safe transportation for your child - Tutoring Lessons, Sport/Practice or Doctors Appointments.
Private & Public Schools, Theater & Ball Games!
Local schools that we are able to pick-up your child from.
"We pick up within a 10 mile radius"
632 Schroeders Ave.
Brooklyn N.Y. 11239
(646) 659-2175
“An Enriched Learning Environment For Your Child”
The Chosen Generation
(Advance notice req.)
I.S. 364
P.S  4
Jalisa's School
Imagine Me Leadership
Charter School
Public School Annex
Urban Strategy Daycare
The Fresh Creek School
Van Siclen Community M.S.
Starrett After School/
Summer Summer Achievement
  First Elementary
Achievement First Aspire M.S.
Achievement First Linden Elmt.
Achievement E.N.Y. Element’ry
Friends Of Crown Heights
E.N.Y. Elementary Sch.of Exc.
East N.Y. Family Academy
Acievement First Apollo M.S.
The Science/Med. Midd. Sch.
Academy for Young Writers
P.S 36
P.S 149
P.S 158
P.S 213
P.S 224
P.S 273
P.S 346